Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Term Limits

My apology for being away as I have had to help my son who was wounded in Iraq, suffering from head traumas and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which I can identify with, and since I run a small farm I have to fertilize my fields. I am a cripple, not being politically correct, and I tend to do things at one speed, SLOW!
I am an advocate for term limits and have been well over 25 years, especially since I got a first hand look at politicians when I ran for the US Congress in 1992 and 1994. Many who will read this will proclaim that the election is the best source for term limits, but if this statement was true, then why it is we have corruption in Washington. Many will say that by having term limits we will lose the best and the brightest in Washington. Is there any evidence that we have the brightest in Washington, where congress will pass legislation without reading it?
Most new politicians who leave their states have the best intentions in their hearts. The problem is after a few terms; they have been influenced by the political machines, the special interest and are driven by their ability to collect money for re-election outside their own state, and the promise of employment as lobbyist.
Our forefather’s who agreed to a Constitution allowed for the election of Senators to be done by the legislature, whom by most accounts had the will of the people in mind, yet, we now have an election more of a machine than the will of people and for six years before being elected again. Most of our forefathers were farmers, where they would consider it a privilege to serve in Congress and then return home, finding hands working in the dirt were more honorable than the dirty hands in politics.
Many people vote for their party! Hmm he or she is a Republican or Democrat and therefore must represent my views since they could not be in the party unless they did! Well, we had all the democrats and 85 republicans vote for the pork inflated Obama bill, which stick it to the children of future generations; would you consider this your views?
So what does Term Limits achieve? They stop political action committees (PAC) from controlling elections causing them to spend more with fewer results; it stops career corruption and returns those to its states, unless they get a contract to pursue lobbying for special interest, which should be outlawed; it gives us fresh blood with new ideas and honesty. With term limits the people need to stop these insane life time pay checks given to members of congress. Prior to becoming a recluse on my farm, away from people and politics and the madness of the world, navigating prosthetics through mud, and snow, many times falling on my royal posterior, I was a political scientist.
I have studied the politics of the world, socialism, communism, fascism, democracies and republics. In my sincere judgment and opinion, based on my research over the years, I have come to the conclusion that no house member should serve more than three two year terms, and no senator should serve more than one six year term. By these standards the People regain the power of its government. Those who are corruptible are least likely to become corrupt.
I have heard that what if we get a righteous representative and him or she has to leave office under term limits. If such a character exists, then he or she can run again after one election cycle has passed, and if this person is loved and respected by his or her people, then they will be elected.
Now for my last insult! Corruption also comes from the people, the electorate, who have more interest in themselves, being selfish and looking out for themselves only add to the corruption in Washington where the people are holding their hands out asking: “WHERE”S MINE?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Blind But Now I Should See?

The destruction of the Constitution has not just started over the last sixty years as many believe; it began eroding when Lincoln used his power to deny states rights. I am opposed to any man owning any man as chattel, and to protect one person’s rights, is to oppress another, and had we consistently listen to God, no man, regardless of color would have been in bondage. "We, the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts - not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution." -Abraham Lincoln Hypocrisy?
It is easy to have the elected strip away the rights of the individuals or states. An elected legislature can and will eventually strip away freedoms of American’s just as easy as a monarch can, as they believe they are under a mandate or under the care and control of globalize corporations.

If you are not taught the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence by teachers and parents, or, you are a sluggard and fail to see the importance of an education, then how will you know what rights you have in the law, if you do not know the law. How will you know what those in power will take from you, if you have no inventory of what has been given you by the founding fathers? Ignorance is no excuse, to excuse the ignorant.
Inherited in the foundation of this country, are two documents, confirmed by signatures that our rights and liberties are from God, not man, nor government. To accept less, is to give up your freedoms and spit in the face of the founders and those who came before you and died to protect it. "We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." John Adams--October 11, 1798
In order to remove freedoms and demolish the Constitution and individual freedoms, first you must divide and conquer those within that union, by their lust, greed, and self-serving interest. You consistently brain-wash the children through public education, consistent with progressive and nationalist teachings, and removing God from site of public disclosure or schools, dissolving what is moral and just. This is a typical military maneuver where you divide, cut supply lines, control communications and conquer. Say this is not happening? Well let’s dissect this last sentence.
First divide by attracting special interest like pro-choice/pro-life; democrat/republican; homosexual/heterosexual; hyphenated-Americans/native born Americans; progressives/conservatives, pro-gun/anti-gun; socialist/capitalist; etc.,get the point!
Cut off supply lines-economy/control the banks, manufacturing, de-value the dollar and seek a global currency. Are we warm yet?
Control communications through major news networks disseminating divisive communications to continue breaking apart the union looking for the weakest links, the poor and promising them equal wealth by taking from the hard working and give it to the lazy. Who do you think the lazy will vote for?
Elias Boudinot (1740–1821) was a lawyer and statesman from New Jersey who was a delegate to the Continental Congress and a U.S Congressman for New Jersey from 1789 until 1994 where he refused to serve any longer. He also served as President of the Continental Congress from 1782 to 1783 and Director of the U.S. Mint from 1795 until 1805. Elias Boudinot:“Be religiously careful in our choice of all public officers . . . and judge of the tree(person) by its fruits(actions & deeds).”
How many of us pick our politicians by the fruits of their deeds and personal lives? How many of us actually investigate instead of just listening to a particular party or television? How many of us have been disappointed in their choices?
I constantly hear from readers, friends, and acquaintances that they choose the party that is the closest to their beliefs. I ask them: “does this party’s platforms contain all your beliefs or just some”? They reply: “well most of them anyway”. I then ask: “so you compromise with some of your beliefs, relinquishing the balance of your beliefs”. What would you keep and what would you let go of? When I had cancer, I refused chemotherapy/radiation because of two issues. First one being: "Whoever seeks to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it", Luke 17:33 and Second I saw too many of my Vietnam brothers exposed to Agent Orange like myself die from diseases or sickness and not the cancer, so I chose God's will first, not compromising my faith, and macrobiotic dieting second. I made the right choice as I have now been cancer free going on twenty years.
I have had some who read my column’s saying that I seem to emphasize homosexuality more than other issues. I attack all abominations that are unpleasant to God as I am an equal opportunity basher. I do not compromise my beliefs, as I do not compromise my freedom, or freedoms of my children and grandchildren. I do not accept abortion, murder, pedophiles, rapist, liars, fornicators, adultery and hold them all in contempt equal to homosexuals. I pray for the sinners as I am a sinner, but I hate the sin as it is destructive not only of the individual soul, but the very soul of this country, and the principles for which it was born.

The destruction of this country does not come from the outer boundaries of our borders, but within as Nikita Kruschev said in the early sixties, "that our destruction will come within" (paraphrased). Our laxed immigration policies, nationalist, communist will dissolve and destroy, while your heads are in buried in the sand, and yes we are still blind and do not see.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Will the real conservative party, please stand up!

As a child way over fifty years ago, my family was dyed-dead-in-the-wool southern conservative democrats. Democrats to them were the working man’s party, and the republicans’ well they were the rich, trying to suck the bread from the poor, according to my dad.

If you told my Dad who has recently passed away, today the democrat party stands for Heterophobics (homosexuality), abortion, more government and less private rights with increase in taxes, he would say: “that’s only republican propaganda”. I use the term Heterophobics because the homosexual community calls those of us who are straight homophobe’s in an attempt to label us as hate mongers. I read there is a documentary coming out called “Outrage” where Heterophobics are using such film to expose Republican closet gays and using such information showing where closet gay republicans denounced homosexuality while practicing it.

I agree that they should expose these hypocrites but saying that people who speak out against homosexuality are just hiding that they are gay is over the top, would that also include God who said homosexuality is an abomination? Using the term “gay bashing” is labeled on straights who oppose homosexuality, where a person like me does not hate the sinner, but only the sin, which I find as a cancer. Many of us have known that there has been an infiltration of Heterophobics entering into the Republican party like Tammy Bruce (lesbian and fox news contributor), and pro-gay marriage Culture Vulcher Warrior of the O’Reilly Factor Margaret Hoover and of course the Log Cabin Republicans who believe Lincoln was a closet homosexual, only to divide and conquer.

When the democrat party shifted to the left, I of course being of sound mind, well some would debate that last statement, went to the right into the Republican Party. I stood for less government, less taxes, pro-Constitution, pro-family, and very pro-life and basically anti-Heterophobics (homosexuals).

I am from Idaho and supported my candidates, getting out the vote only to find out that one of my Senators were playing footsies, going after tootsie’s in a men’s bathroom in Minnesota. In my county democrats have camouflaged themselves as republicans and have taken over the party, where our conservative planks have shifted to center as we are being out-voted. This too is happened in every county across America and into the national party. The grand ole party is now ready for burial, as I cannot tell the difference between the republican or democrat party. My conservative moral and fiscal principles are no longer represented and many of my conservative Christian friends are compromising their faiths to stay in a party.

Here is my thesis! You want to know the best way to catch a pigeon? You line little bread crumbs (special interest) in a straight line and at the end of the line put a cage with a spring door. The pigeon is so hypnotized by his or her crumbs and filling the belly he walks right into the cage where it snaps close. This too is happening to us as Americans where we are following our own special crumb trails of special interest only and have nothing but tunnel vision. The cage for us is the loss of liberty, loss of capitalism, loss of our own sovereignty. Like the pigeon that was always free as we are, he now looks at his freedom gone because he failed to look around him, keeping only one thing in mind, the crumbs. His life is now controlled and at the hands of his captor, where his freedom is no longer.

Ever see blinders put on a horse where he can only see straight ahead and his side views are blocked? This is to shield his peripheral view so as not to be spooked. We, the American people, are wearing blinders and if we ever take them off we will be in shock, but will it be too late.

Mob rule now has the floor where one class of person’s is pitted against another. A new generation of brown shirt fascist is on the rise (ACORN) , using crumbs to perpetuate the goals of those in silence. When individuals follow the crumbs, they give up free will; give up the ability to obtain knowledge and wisdom. Without knowledge and wisdom, fear, panic will ensue, and YOU will follow anyone who seems logical, feeds you, satisfies your appetite, remember the crumbs, your cage awaits you America!

Monday, March 30, 2009


I could careless what your party is, or whether you have a big R by your name or a big D that represents your party as a candidate or, you are already elected official; because I know that an elected legislature can strip away my rights and freedoms as easily as a monarch can, surgically removing liberty because elected officials believe they have a mandate by the people if elected.
I have decided that if you want my vote you have to sign my "employment contract" since you will work for me if elected. If you want my vote, regardless if you are a candidate for U.S. House or Senate agree to the following:
As a house candidate you agree to serve not more than three terms totaling six years;
As a senate candidate you agree to serve no more that one term totaling six years.
You agree that we are a Republic, based on the rule of law, not mob mentality.
You agree after your term is up, to return to the state, in which, you represented and agree never to return to Washington, D.C. as a lobbyist.
You agree that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, predicated on the grievances given to King George known as the Declaration of Independence.
You agree that our inalienable rights come from God, not man, or government.
You agree to oppose courts legislating from the bench, writing precedents with opinions based on political partisanship.
You agree that justice is blind, and that no man, woman or child, political party, elected official, corporations or its officers are above the law and all laws will be equally enforced.
You agree that all are entitled to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness, and that life starts in the womb just as it is in the crib, and protection of such life is without question until natural death.
You agree to maintaining honesty, integrity and character to the office, being transparent, and reading all bills you vote on without exception, and that truth will be your compass.
You believe and support in a strong defense, and that all returning warriors coming home will be the responsibility of all Americans, maintaining VA hospitals and clinics, expressed development on disability claims, never cutting but always adding to the budgets for those who have served.
You agree that marriage is only between a man and woman; and that homosexuality is a choice, not a birthright.
You agree in the parent’s right to choose education, and that you support the valchure programs.
You agree that you work for the people, and WE the People are your employer.
You agree to work towards balancing the budget, not financing the national debt on future generations, committing them to being bond servants of a government.
You agree to seek out a fair tax, flat tax, eliminating the income tax, and the mountain of paper work on progressive tax.
You agree not vote party politics if such voting is contrary to the Constitution, and not in the best interest of the American People!
You agree that before you vote on a major piece of legislation, communications with the citizens you represent must always be open.

You agree to fight those who want to make this country a socialist regime, denounce social health care, work with insurance companies and health care providers to find a solution to treat low income individuals who cannot afford health care.

If elected, and you violate the terms set forth in this contract, I may call for your resignation, and that you agree to step down without question.
Signed this ____day of ________20__

I would encourage the readers of this contract to add to it of items you believe that should be in your contract. We now must be more responsible for our country rather than following blindly a political party. We had both Republicans and Democrats violate the Constitution voting on a bill to tax bonuses in violation of Section 9. If you and I voilate the law of the land we would be incarcerated, we need to fire all in Congress and start all over with a contract.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I want to address a question that I have constantly asked individuals; “what is a conservative to you, and, which party do you believe holds true the conservative values”? In full disclosure, I am or was a Republican ran for the US Congress twice and no, I am not a sore loser. I’m first without reservation a 100% true American non-hyphenated and to some maybe considered a Heinz 57 variety, not of blue blood but of the mutt variety.
When you study the question of the aforementioned paragraph, try to step outside your partisan belief and become an objective thinker, as my Dad who had an eighth grade education would say: “do not believe anything you hear and only half of what you see”.
The term conservative has a broad meaning. You can be a fiscal conservative, yet be moral liberals, like Tammy Bruce or Margaret Hoover, or hold true to your hearts both fiscal and moral conservatives. I am the latter, because I do not believe God compromises what He has written or had written in the Bible. The Culture Vulcher segment on the O’Reilly factor, Margaret Hoover refers to people like me as old time generation and those of the moral progressives will change the Republican Party. If this is true, then I have to ask myself, what is the difference between the republican and democrat parties? I use to think that one of our U.S. Senators was a dual conservative both moral and fiscal, until he got caught doing footsie’s in the men’s public bathroom in Minnesota.
Webster’s dictionary says a conservative is: “resistant to change”. So if I want to preserve the Constitution and believe our liberties are from God as stated in the Declaration of Independence and do not want it changed then I’m resistant and therefore a conservative. If I believe that Congress violated section 9, ‘bill of attainder” “a Bill of Attainder is meant to mean a bill that has a negative effect on a single person or group, where over 85 Republican voted with 243 Demcrats to use IRS as a secret police, which I am resistent too, then I must be a conservative.
If I am resistent to government conducting Cap & Trade on energy because I know it will trickle down to even the poorest of individuals as companies past the cost down to the consumer, and congress wants people to believe it will only effect those who make $200,000.00 or more, then I must be a conservative.
If I believe that the Supreme Court is wrong in its opinion of what constitutes separation of church and state, misrepresenting Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist, making it impossible for children to pray on public grounds, or having a statue with the ten commandments, which I am resistent (disagree) to their opinion, then I must be a conservative. I do remember when the Supreme Court’s opinion supported slavery in the Dred Scott case 1857 slaves as well as free -- were not and could never become citizens of the United States. The court also declared the 1820 Missouri Compromise unconstitutional, thus permitting slavery in all of the country's territories. I would have had I been born opposed to that decision, but I believe I would have been a liberal during that time.
If I believe that a mother does not have the option to terminate a life in her womb, because I find no difference of being in a womb or in a crib, the responsibility of care belongs to the mother, then I am resistant to conventional thinking of Roe vs. Wade and therefore must be a conservative.
If I believe that marriage is between a man and woman only, and homosexuality is a choice not a birthright, I am resistant to the progressive left and therefore would be considered a conservative.
I could go on and on of what I am resistant to, but who are you and what are you resistant too and how do you classify yourself? Do you research the candidates who are supported by a political party to find out who they are, or do you just vote blindly because of the partisan letter by their names? I am and will always be a true conservative, but I am going a little farther, I am now what I have named “BECKOMANIAC” who believes in his 9 principles and 12 values http://www.the912project.com that my so-called-conservative representatives have sadly forgotten. How can I know who is telling me the truth, and I need more substance and proof other than an R beside his or her name?
In summation of my argument on what is a conservative in my opinion, is a person or persons, who believe the foundation of this country began in the Declaration of Independence, and that we are a nation of laws, and that justice is blind; where all are held under the laws equally, and the Constitution of the United States is and will always be the Supreme Law of the Land!
I look forward to your comment, or our anger!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

How People and Events changed our lives!

Living in the country which is a slow pace of life you can stop, smell the roses or the horse barn which ever you fancy, and reflect on how people we have met since childhood and or events changed our lives. I like to use the analogy that we are those tiny little steel balls in a machine, what use to be called a pin-ball machine; do they still have those today? The ball either goes to the top and then falls straight down or it hits those round bumpers or flippers throwing the ball in different directions causing a sense of nausea.

When I was a child, I had a face that only a mother could love, which truly was a test of courage. On my birthdays I got masks of different designs, my parents got condolence cards and my dog kept running and changing his zip code. I came from a poor family who lived from pay check to pay check; we were so poor that if a round-the-world airplane ticket cost a quarter, we could not have gotten out of site, and so because there were so many other off-springs I never got to borrow the car unless I stole it, or allowed to buy my own car as my Dad complained it would raise his insurance if I got a drivers license.

My family moved from the farm, as we lost our farm due to drought and into a big city. It was fun and new but I did not like the fast pace life. My biology teacher really thought I was a lab experiment gone totally wrong, and my geometry teacher kept wondering if he should dial 911, since he was in doubt I had a pulse. I had a slow drawl in my speech so if I was asked a question in class on Monday it would reach the teacher on Tuesday.

Getting a date in High School was impossible since I had no vehicle and taking a date on the city bus was out of the question especially at a drive in movie and the city-slickers had no sense of humor. I use to hang around the skating rink a lot, and my posterior got most of the attention from the floor. Let’s face it, what girl wants to skate with a dude looking up at her all the time.

I did get a job bagging groceries and that is when you got tips back in those days, boy how times have changed and I made pretty good money. I was an enterprising young man so I took that money bought a suit which I had to share unless we were all going to the same occasion and decided to try and find something better for more money and prestige as I was eighteen now, knew more than my parents, ready to make that first million which I gave up on, now working on my second.

It was a hot day that day, Florida usually is, and back then High Schools would let a senior work half day and go to school half day if your credits were up to snuff. So, I got on my brand new dark blue suit with tie, grease my hair down with some sort of grease for hair and was great for axles as well, and took the bus to down town Jacksonville. I had an appointment at one of our fine local banks; you know the ones with the marble fronts and carving in the building to make it look, well like it was the homestead of Bill Gates who was not born yet. I had to walk a block to get to the bank and it was so hot with the humidity causing your clothes to stick to your body that you eventually looked like one of those plastic bags that someone had sucked the air out of for storage. I was about, oh, maybe thirty steps from the front door when all of a sudden it got kind of dark and white spots started hitting me in the head and all over my brand new dark blue suit. I looked up and low and behold a flock of seagulls had pin pointed their target, releasing loads with direct multiple hits, on my face, head and clothes and I knew I was in the twilight zone.

I ran to the bathroom as I had bird do-do all over my head, suit and face. I tried to wash my face and head but when I tried to wash my suit coat and pants that white fecal matter began to spread like butter on toast and it only went deeper and deeper into the fabric. You ever go into a public bathroom and the soap container is empty? In those days you had to be in a suit to land such a job and of course your hair had to be the appropriate length especially since I was applying for a teller’s position.

If you ever have had the chance to smell an old horse or cow barn, then picture in your nose a smell a hundred times worst. Needless to say I did not get the job and as a mudslide will change the direction of a river, so did the seagulls change my direction in life as I went home, took three showers and put on clean clothes and went to my local military recruiter joining since Vietnam War was in its prime.

What did I learn from this ordeal that yes was disappointing? I first learned that ..IT HAPPENS, and from the fertilizers of life we gain knowledge and wisdom. I learned never to look up with your mouth open, and carry an umbrella in Florida. No matter what life throws at you, move forward full steam a head. When you hit an obstacle in life, it is not always the path of least resistance that is the best to travel.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rise and Fall of the Conservative Movement

The sucking sound you hear coming out of the Republican Party to which I am or maybe was a member, is the vacuum being created as the true conservatives began to just leave or stay home during this next election.
In my last article I described what a true conservative is. One could say it is Reaganist interpretation, or definition, but main stream conservatism is the fundamentals this country was based on. Once called a conservative by the National Republican Party, I am now considered a right-winger or Christian Conservative, so now we’ve began to dissect what is conservative which is split into three distinct categories. (1). If you are a log cabin republican (homosexual-lesbian, Tammy Bruce’ of the party) but are fiscally conservative and less government, controlled spending and taxation, pro-choice, progressive you are now a conservative. (2). If you hold the beliefs of the log-cabins yet not homosexual but accept such behavior and are pro-choice, pro-big business, with philosophy in less government, less taxation, strong military, death penalty proponent, you too are considered conservative by the new party. (3). If you hold to the principles laid down in the Bible (born-again Christian), fiscal conservatives, less taxation, less government, pro-family with marriage one man and one woman, amendments of the Constitution, etc then you are a conservative.

The problem with the first third of the republicans stated in the above paragraph is people like Tammy Bruce are progressive, liberal, causing a wedge between what was the foundation of the Republican principles. The once now defunct queen of N.O.W. Los Angeles Chapter is now a regular Fox News contributor labeled as a conservative commentator consistently on Hannity & Colmes, Bill O’Reilly or other Fox news segments. Fox news became prominent on the backs of the true conservatives during the Clinton Administration wearing a conservative face while growing in popularity with the buzz words: “fair and balanced”. Problem with Fox news is people like myself did not like CNN because of its liberal bias and its liberal pundit squawkers and departed CNN seeing Fox news as a breath of fresh air which started to stagnate as the CNN squawkers left CNN only to migrate to Fox news defecating their political views once again with the blessing of Fox news.

So what has happened to the Christian Conservative? They too like me are in a quagmire. Leaders like Pat Robinson who endorsed Rudy Giuliani for president a fornicator who told his ex-wife he was divorcing her on national television instead of telling her to her face in private; Gary Bauer of American Values endorsed McCain who would not accept the Marriage Act, accepted Roe vs. Wade as a necessary evil, accepted the fact of fetal tissue research and in a debate in February 15, in South Carolina call the Christian Coalition bigots (Union Leader, Sept 17). What is amazing about the so-called-Christian leaders is that none of them endorsed a fellow believer like Mike Huckabee except Dr. Dobson. Huckabee consistently has proclaimed his faith on public television over and over again, spouting faith and miracles, yet none of the above have come out and endorsed a fellow believer.

Have the so-called-leadership of the Christian conservatives sold their souls for the purpose of a cabinet or staff position? What would they say to God, “excuse me Lord but I had to support a Republican abortionist, fornicator of truth over a Democrat abortionist, fornicator of truth”. What is truly sad the leaders are in a position of trust, only to misuse such trust to draw crowds of believers their way which may or may not be the right way. I for one cannot sell my soul to the devil no matter what party he may be in, and would rather just stay home and blog on Election Day. Some people say I should vote for the lesser of two evils, but I say back to them which sin or sins are worst? Evil is evil and what scales of justice to you use? Which is worst a liar or a thief? One steals the truth with the lie and the other takes away personal property, both guilty are guilty of theft.

Lincoln said: “a house divided by it self cannot stand”. Also, a house without a foundation will fall and consistently I have seen the foundation of the Republican Party eroded, breaking plank by plank away from its original intention. We were once a Christian nation, but now have become few Christians within a nation whose tolerance of such beliefs wear thin and persecution is on the rise. To destroy the moral fiber of a country that was once strong, is to open the doors of hell, releasing evil to run rampant as seen now in school shooting, parents being killed or teachers being killed by youth, unborn ripped from the womb, pornography, youth being inundated with violence from media and Hollywood, open homosexuality and perversion within our own party called conservatives.

My next blog will be on freedom of speech which is a speech that is free as long as it is accepted by either the right of the left and both sides are willing to quash it if such speech disagrees with their opinions they hold as fact, especially from one of their own.

Disclaimer: I am a veteran, the son of a veteran, the brother of a veterans, the father of a veteran but my allegiance is to my God first who allowed me to serve a country whose principles of freedom are endowed to us by our creator, not government. I consider myself to fall into the class three of the conservative party of the Republicans so stated above. I highly respect and salute John McCain as a veteran brother who has my admiration and respect, but does not share my moral values.