Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rise and Fall of the Conservative Movement

The sucking sound you hear coming out of the Republican Party to which I am or maybe was a member, is the vacuum being created as the true conservatives began to just leave or stay home during this next election.
In my last article I described what a true conservative is. One could say it is Reaganist interpretation, or definition, but main stream conservatism is the fundamentals this country was based on. Once called a conservative by the National Republican Party, I am now considered a right-winger or Christian Conservative, so now we’ve began to dissect what is conservative which is split into three distinct categories. (1). If you are a log cabin republican (homosexual-lesbian, Tammy Bruce’ of the party) but are fiscally conservative and less government, controlled spending and taxation, pro-choice, progressive you are now a conservative. (2). If you hold the beliefs of the log-cabins yet not homosexual but accept such behavior and are pro-choice, pro-big business, with philosophy in less government, less taxation, strong military, death penalty proponent, you too are considered conservative by the new party. (3). If you hold to the principles laid down in the Bible (born-again Christian), fiscal conservatives, less taxation, less government, pro-family with marriage one man and one woman, amendments of the Constitution, etc then you are a conservative.

The problem with the first third of the republicans stated in the above paragraph is people like Tammy Bruce are progressive, liberal, causing a wedge between what was the foundation of the Republican principles. The once now defunct queen of N.O.W. Los Angeles Chapter is now a regular Fox News contributor labeled as a conservative commentator consistently on Hannity & Colmes, Bill O’Reilly or other Fox news segments. Fox news became prominent on the backs of the true conservatives during the Clinton Administration wearing a conservative face while growing in popularity with the buzz words: “fair and balanced”. Problem with Fox news is people like myself did not like CNN because of its liberal bias and its liberal pundit squawkers and departed CNN seeing Fox news as a breath of fresh air which started to stagnate as the CNN squawkers left CNN only to migrate to Fox news defecating their political views once again with the blessing of Fox news.

So what has happened to the Christian Conservative? They too like me are in a quagmire. Leaders like Pat Robinson who endorsed Rudy Giuliani for president a fornicator who told his ex-wife he was divorcing her on national television instead of telling her to her face in private; Gary Bauer of American Values endorsed McCain who would not accept the Marriage Act, accepted Roe vs. Wade as a necessary evil, accepted the fact of fetal tissue research and in a debate in February 15, in South Carolina call the Christian Coalition bigots (Union Leader, Sept 17). What is amazing about the so-called-Christian leaders is that none of them endorsed a fellow believer like Mike Huckabee except Dr. Dobson. Huckabee consistently has proclaimed his faith on public television over and over again, spouting faith and miracles, yet none of the above have come out and endorsed a fellow believer.

Have the so-called-leadership of the Christian conservatives sold their souls for the purpose of a cabinet or staff position? What would they say to God, “excuse me Lord but I had to support a Republican abortionist, fornicator of truth over a Democrat abortionist, fornicator of truth”. What is truly sad the leaders are in a position of trust, only to misuse such trust to draw crowds of believers their way which may or may not be the right way. I for one cannot sell my soul to the devil no matter what party he may be in, and would rather just stay home and blog on Election Day. Some people say I should vote for the lesser of two evils, but I say back to them which sin or sins are worst? Evil is evil and what scales of justice to you use? Which is worst a liar or a thief? One steals the truth with the lie and the other takes away personal property, both guilty are guilty of theft.

Lincoln said: “a house divided by it self cannot stand”. Also, a house without a foundation will fall and consistently I have seen the foundation of the Republican Party eroded, breaking plank by plank away from its original intention. We were once a Christian nation, but now have become few Christians within a nation whose tolerance of such beliefs wear thin and persecution is on the rise. To destroy the moral fiber of a country that was once strong, is to open the doors of hell, releasing evil to run rampant as seen now in school shooting, parents being killed or teachers being killed by youth, unborn ripped from the womb, pornography, youth being inundated with violence from media and Hollywood, open homosexuality and perversion within our own party called conservatives.

My next blog will be on freedom of speech which is a speech that is free as long as it is accepted by either the right of the left and both sides are willing to quash it if such speech disagrees with their opinions they hold as fact, especially from one of their own.

Disclaimer: I am a veteran, the son of a veteran, the brother of a veterans, the father of a veteran but my allegiance is to my God first who allowed me to serve a country whose principles of freedom are endowed to us by our creator, not government. I consider myself to fall into the class three of the conservative party of the Republicans so stated above. I highly respect and salute John McCain as a veteran brother who has my admiration and respect, but does not share my moral values.

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