Sunday, February 10, 2008


It's amazing in the world of politics today to see individuals like Ann Coulter, Shawn Hannity, Laura Ingram as well as other Fox and Cnn Political pundits come out and call themselves conservatives, trying with little success to direct the votes of the electorate of the Republican Party. So what is a conservative? If you sqeak by right of center then you could call yourself a conservative and some political pundits call themselves conservative even at center of the political spectrum.

In my opinion here is the true and correct conservative which should not be confused with Coulter, Hannity, Forbes, Ingram, etc. A true conservative first believes that freedom of man and woman is ordained by God and not a gift from government. A true conservative believes the Constitution is a collection of words that promotes freedom and democracy in a Republic which is not worth the paper its written on unless it is defended by those who constantly put their lives on the line to protect it, both past, present and future, men and women of the United States military. A true conservative believes in the sanctity of life as given by God and does not allow for a mother or a government or court to have a choice of who lives, and who dies. A true conservative is opposed to the homosexual life style and see this type of life style as immoral. A true conservative only recognizes marriage and parenthood between a female naturally born and a male naturally born not surgically changed. A true conservative does not accept embryonic stem cell research. A true conservative believes that all people are responsible for their actions made in a choice and should be held accountable for such actions. A true conservative believes that the government should provide for the common defense, post offices and protection of individual rights but limited power held over people and less government is better. A true conservative believes in a balanced budget, less taxation, less social programs other than those who served this country in military and now disabled, the poor, disabled and elderly not the lazy. A true conservative believes that Congress should be held accountable for its actions both criminally and civil. A true conservative believes that an elected body should make laws, not judges forcing their own opinions. A true conservative believes that all people are created equal, and all have a right to run for political office without speaking ill of one another. This conservative likes the Reagan commandment: "thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican", which seems to have been forgotten by the political so-called conservative party. A true conservative firmly believes in the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms. A true conservative knows that an elected legislature can trample the rights of man and woman just as easily as a dictator can.

I have served this country in the military and became completely and permanently disabled. My son served two tours in Iraq and was wounded while engaged in heavy combat. So where does Coulter, Hannity, Ingram, Forbes who did not serve in the military but are pro-military tell us the American people who we should vote for as a conservative or even define for us what is conservative? Their postion reminds me of an individual in combat who walks through a jungle seeking the enemy the common grunt while the so-called leadership is back at base camp where its safe. Oh we are mentally behind you while we protect our physical rear-ends out of harms way. In otherwords these so-called-conservatives are pro-military and are behind us, yet none of them are willing to stand side-by-side in harms way with us. They make millions of dollars off of suckers like us and we now are telling them enough is enough and we are not buying your bull any more.

As a disclaimer and being open and fair, I will declare that I am not only a veteran who does not support McCain who is a fellow brother Vietnam Veteran, but I am a born-again-Christian who will not sell out my moral beliefs just for the sake of picking the lesser of two evils. As it is written in the bible: "what if you've gained the whole world but lost your soul". The Republican party is split by two distinct groups that call themselves conservative. One being a fiscal conservative only like the log cabin Republicans' (gay activist), wall street executives and corporate types and the other a fiscal and moral conservatives. I like Huckabee because in the face of odds and adversity against him his faith rises to the challenge, he believes in miracles and the power of prayer and has not forgotten the Lord.

Ann Coulter has become the poster child for those who woke up the next day with a hang-over to discover they do not have not country because of their treasonist acts. Democrats do not want her nor do the Republicans so now she can join the O'Reilly group as an independent and fight between the two of them of who they think is looking out for us.

If McCain wants my vote, and in the event he wins the nomination must put Huckabee on his ticket as Vice President so I have someone who represents my views. If McCain wins and puts in someone else as his running mate then Mr. McCain this Christian Moral Conservative and fiscal conservative just stays home. Its time the political pundits who think they know our minds and views shut up!

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