Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Am An American Soldier

I Am The American Soldier
Each day I arise tried, tested and true,
starting each day saluting the Red, White and Blue;
To defend this country daily with my life,
leaving behind my children, parents, girl friend or a wife.
I am the American Soldier

I will defend the Constitution I love best,
with sailors, marines and airmen we never rest,
to defend this nation with our hearts and soul,
remembering those who came before us who have now grown old.
I am the American Soldier

I am the American Soldier who stands to defend
this great country of ours to the very end.
Freedom and democracy is our battle cry,
knowing that many of those who fight, will most likely die;
I am the American Soldier.

Freedoms you people enjoy do not come free,
it is preserved by soldiers who served, or serving like me,
we live in fox holes, jungles, sand, and in a mud pit,
but our dedication is indestructible and we will never quit,
I am the American Soldier.

I'm engaged in battle with the enemy day by day,
so the people back home can live the American Way,
severed body parts of my brothers I am forced to see,
so you back home can have freedom and democracy,
I am the American Soldier.

I am old now from many battles of the past,
my limbs are missing and I may not last,
but with pride I served with proficiency,
so others may live and continue to be free,
I will always be the American Soldier.

Taps is played over my head,
in the ground they lay me and I am now dead,
but sacrifices I made were worth it to me,
so our nation could enjoy freedom and democracy
Remember me as the American Soldier.

by: Sonny Kinsey

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