Saturday, April 11, 2009

Will the real conservative party, please stand up!

As a child way over fifty years ago, my family was dyed-dead-in-the-wool southern conservative democrats. Democrats to them were the working man’s party, and the republicans’ well they were the rich, trying to suck the bread from the poor, according to my dad.

If you told my Dad who has recently passed away, today the democrat party stands for Heterophobics (homosexuality), abortion, more government and less private rights with increase in taxes, he would say: “that’s only republican propaganda”. I use the term Heterophobics because the homosexual community calls those of us who are straight homophobe’s in an attempt to label us as hate mongers. I read there is a documentary coming out called “Outrage” where Heterophobics are using such film to expose Republican closet gays and using such information showing where closet gay republicans denounced homosexuality while practicing it.

I agree that they should expose these hypocrites but saying that people who speak out against homosexuality are just hiding that they are gay is over the top, would that also include God who said homosexuality is an abomination? Using the term “gay bashing” is labeled on straights who oppose homosexuality, where a person like me does not hate the sinner, but only the sin, which I find as a cancer. Many of us have known that there has been an infiltration of Heterophobics entering into the Republican party like Tammy Bruce (lesbian and fox news contributor), and pro-gay marriage Culture Vulcher Warrior of the O’Reilly Factor Margaret Hoover and of course the Log Cabin Republicans who believe Lincoln was a closet homosexual, only to divide and conquer.

When the democrat party shifted to the left, I of course being of sound mind, well some would debate that last statement, went to the right into the Republican Party. I stood for less government, less taxes, pro-Constitution, pro-family, and very pro-life and basically anti-Heterophobics (homosexuals).

I am from Idaho and supported my candidates, getting out the vote only to find out that one of my Senators were playing footsies, going after tootsie’s in a men’s bathroom in Minnesota. In my county democrats have camouflaged themselves as republicans and have taken over the party, where our conservative planks have shifted to center as we are being out-voted. This too is happened in every county across America and into the national party. The grand ole party is now ready for burial, as I cannot tell the difference between the republican or democrat party. My conservative moral and fiscal principles are no longer represented and many of my conservative Christian friends are compromising their faiths to stay in a party.

Here is my thesis! You want to know the best way to catch a pigeon? You line little bread crumbs (special interest) in a straight line and at the end of the line put a cage with a spring door. The pigeon is so hypnotized by his or her crumbs and filling the belly he walks right into the cage where it snaps close. This too is happening to us as Americans where we are following our own special crumb trails of special interest only and have nothing but tunnel vision. The cage for us is the loss of liberty, loss of capitalism, loss of our own sovereignty. Like the pigeon that was always free as we are, he now looks at his freedom gone because he failed to look around him, keeping only one thing in mind, the crumbs. His life is now controlled and at the hands of his captor, where his freedom is no longer.

Ever see blinders put on a horse where he can only see straight ahead and his side views are blocked? This is to shield his peripheral view so as not to be spooked. We, the American people, are wearing blinders and if we ever take them off we will be in shock, but will it be too late.

Mob rule now has the floor where one class of person’s is pitted against another. A new generation of brown shirt fascist is on the rise (ACORN) , using crumbs to perpetuate the goals of those in silence. When individuals follow the crumbs, they give up free will; give up the ability to obtain knowledge and wisdom. Without knowledge and wisdom, fear, panic will ensue, and YOU will follow anyone who seems logical, feeds you, satisfies your appetite, remember the crumbs, your cage awaits you America!

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Sam said...

There is a "real" Conservative Party.

Start something in Idaho!