Monday, March 30, 2009


I could careless what your party is, or whether you have a big R by your name or a big D that represents your party as a candidate or, you are already elected official; because I know that an elected legislature can strip away my rights and freedoms as easily as a monarch can, surgically removing liberty because elected officials believe they have a mandate by the people if elected.
I have decided that if you want my vote you have to sign my "employment contract" since you will work for me if elected. If you want my vote, regardless if you are a candidate for U.S. House or Senate agree to the following:
As a house candidate you agree to serve not more than three terms totaling six years;
As a senate candidate you agree to serve no more that one term totaling six years.
You agree that we are a Republic, based on the rule of law, not mob mentality.
You agree after your term is up, to return to the state, in which, you represented and agree never to return to Washington, D.C. as a lobbyist.
You agree that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, predicated on the grievances given to King George known as the Declaration of Independence.
You agree that our inalienable rights come from God, not man, or government.
You agree to oppose courts legislating from the bench, writing precedents with opinions based on political partisanship.
You agree that justice is blind, and that no man, woman or child, political party, elected official, corporations or its officers are above the law and all laws will be equally enforced.
You agree that all are entitled to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness, and that life starts in the womb just as it is in the crib, and protection of such life is without question until natural death.
You agree to maintaining honesty, integrity and character to the office, being transparent, and reading all bills you vote on without exception, and that truth will be your compass.
You believe and support in a strong defense, and that all returning warriors coming home will be the responsibility of all Americans, maintaining VA hospitals and clinics, expressed development on disability claims, never cutting but always adding to the budgets for those who have served.
You agree that marriage is only between a man and woman; and that homosexuality is a choice, not a birthright.
You agree in the parent’s right to choose education, and that you support the valchure programs.
You agree that you work for the people, and WE the People are your employer.
You agree to work towards balancing the budget, not financing the national debt on future generations, committing them to being bond servants of a government.
You agree to seek out a fair tax, flat tax, eliminating the income tax, and the mountain of paper work on progressive tax.
You agree not vote party politics if such voting is contrary to the Constitution, and not in the best interest of the American People!
You agree that before you vote on a major piece of legislation, communications with the citizens you represent must always be open.

You agree to fight those who want to make this country a socialist regime, denounce social health care, work with insurance companies and health care providers to find a solution to treat low income individuals who cannot afford health care.

If elected, and you violate the terms set forth in this contract, I may call for your resignation, and that you agree to step down without question.
Signed this ____day of ________20__

I would encourage the readers of this contract to add to it of items you believe that should be in your contract. We now must be more responsible for our country rather than following blindly a political party. We had both Republicans and Democrats violate the Constitution voting on a bill to tax bonuses in violation of Section 9. If you and I voilate the law of the land we would be incarcerated, we need to fire all in Congress and start all over with a contract.

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