Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Term Limits

My apology for being away as I have had to help my son who was wounded in Iraq, suffering from head traumas and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which I can identify with, and since I run a small farm I have to fertilize my fields. I am a cripple, not being politically correct, and I tend to do things at one speed, SLOW!
I am an advocate for term limits and have been well over 25 years, especially since I got a first hand look at politicians when I ran for the US Congress in 1992 and 1994. Many who will read this will proclaim that the election is the best source for term limits, but if this statement was true, then why it is we have corruption in Washington. Many will say that by having term limits we will lose the best and the brightest in Washington. Is there any evidence that we have the brightest in Washington, where congress will pass legislation without reading it?
Most new politicians who leave their states have the best intentions in their hearts. The problem is after a few terms; they have been influenced by the political machines, the special interest and are driven by their ability to collect money for re-election outside their own state, and the promise of employment as lobbyist.
Our forefather’s who agreed to a Constitution allowed for the election of Senators to be done by the legislature, whom by most accounts had the will of the people in mind, yet, we now have an election more of a machine than the will of people and for six years before being elected again. Most of our forefathers were farmers, where they would consider it a privilege to serve in Congress and then return home, finding hands working in the dirt were more honorable than the dirty hands in politics.
Many people vote for their party! Hmm he or she is a Republican or Democrat and therefore must represent my views since they could not be in the party unless they did! Well, we had all the democrats and 85 republicans vote for the pork inflated Obama bill, which stick it to the children of future generations; would you consider this your views?
So what does Term Limits achieve? They stop political action committees (PAC) from controlling elections causing them to spend more with fewer results; it stops career corruption and returns those to its states, unless they get a contract to pursue lobbying for special interest, which should be outlawed; it gives us fresh blood with new ideas and honesty. With term limits the people need to stop these insane life time pay checks given to members of congress. Prior to becoming a recluse on my farm, away from people and politics and the madness of the world, navigating prosthetics through mud, and snow, many times falling on my royal posterior, I was a political scientist.
I have studied the politics of the world, socialism, communism, fascism, democracies and republics. In my sincere judgment and opinion, based on my research over the years, I have come to the conclusion that no house member should serve more than three two year terms, and no senator should serve more than one six year term. By these standards the People regain the power of its government. Those who are corruptible are least likely to become corrupt.
I have heard that what if we get a righteous representative and him or she has to leave office under term limits. If such a character exists, then he or she can run again after one election cycle has passed, and if this person is loved and respected by his or her people, then they will be elected.
Now for my last insult! Corruption also comes from the people, the electorate, who have more interest in themselves, being selfish and looking out for themselves only add to the corruption in Washington where the people are holding their hands out asking: “WHERE”S MINE?

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